Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma is a narrative based escape the room style game. It's the final game of the Nonary Games trilogy. Each game deals with multiple timelines, often overlapping, in that by knowing things from one timeline you can do additional things in another timeline.

Throughout the games there has been an evolution of how you're able to jump back and forth between them, culminating in the fragment system implemented for Zero Time Dilemma. After you get through the initial choice, you're given a screen for each of the three teams of characters and a selection of boxes. Each of these boxes corresponds to a single Escape the Room challenge or narrative section.

In the previous games you would continue down a single timeline until you either finished the timeline, or hit a point where you needed the information from another timeline. For me it was much harder to keep everything straight using the new fragment system. There was no way to tell if the fragment you're picking will continue you down the timeline you were in or if it's somewhere else.

This game series uses time travel in a very different way from most media. For the most part it's actually a very enjoyable experience, and also teaches you some along the way. A lot of the puzzles and decisions the player has to make are related to different paradoxical theories, such as the prisoner's dilemma.

For the month of July I was going to play through Ever Oasis, however I've already beat it. So instead of playing a new game I'm going to write a guide for that one. I'll also be working on a blog post talking about the gameplay and design of it.

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