World of Warcraft Diabetes Add-on

The Add-on

This add-on is designed to simulate the diabetic lifestyle by giving a World of Warcraft character a simulated form of Type II Diabetes. Eating food and combat will change your character’s glucose level; food will increase it and combat will decrease it. Killing enemies in game will give the player insulin, which can be used to increase their character’s glucose level. Players can check their level with a button from the add-on that shows a gauge of various colors based on your character’s glucose level (from red to yellow to green).

What I Did

For this add-on I did all of the XML to create the user interface. I also did a decent portion of the functionality code within the Lua minus the basic set up that was passed to me by another student.

Where To Get It

You can download it here, or if you're already a WoW player you can download it through Curse.

  1. To install move the entire folder into the \World of Warcraft\interface\addons folder in your Program Files.
  2. The next time you start up The World of Warcraft it will appear right beneath your character's information, or in the top left corner if you're using a non-standard user interface.

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