Vacation and Job Hunting

This weekend I'm taking a sort of mini-vacation from working for my professor. I took the time to fly home and visit my parents. I thought it was going to be relaxing, but that was before my dad started helping me with my job search. What should have been a fun trip home has turned into even more work. We went out to have dinner with my grandparents. My aunt and uncle happened to be in town too. My uncle has been getting emails from a few different websites with different job openings and has been seeing a lot of game companies in them. So we sat down and looked through some of those emails to try and find me some more places to send applications too. In the short time we had we didn't find much, but he agreed to look through it some more when he gets home and forward some stuff my way.

While the beginning of the vacation has been a little stressful, we're heading to San Antonio tomorrow and going to Six Flags on Monday. On Tuesday I'm getting to see one of my high school best friends and a couple of old coworkers whom I haven't seen in awhile. So hopefully the rest of the trip will be more fun.


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