Tyrant Velhari, Mannoroth and Archimonde

For once Tyrant Velhari didn't kill me as badly. I'm not entirely sure if it was my changing the talents up or if I've gotten a bit more gear since the last time that we killed her. The other tank was taking a lot of damage so something definitely changed.

We then moved on to Mannoroth. This is one of my favorite bosses here in Hellfire Citadel. Only about half of our group was there the first time so even though we've killed him it was pretty much progression all over again. Thankfully I've figured out the tanking and we only have issues when one of us taunts the boss a little early.

We finally made it to Archimonde for a few pulls. And as much as Tyrant Velhari didn't kill me, he sure did. Hopefully with some more people getting the final upgrade to their legendary ring we'll get to him faster and be able to learn more of the mechanics.


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