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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 is a typing game masquerading as a cooking game. It's a sequel and has many improvements over the first.

The main campaign of the game is to take your restaurant from it's beginnings to being a Five star location. You can do this by completing days serving in your restaurant or by completing shifts in other locations as a chef for hire. Each has their own pros and cons.


Holding Stations

Holding stations are used to cook food early. There are three different subsets of food for holding stations: required, optional, and side dishes. Each side dish you have prepared adds 15 seconds to your time before a customer starts leaving. Required dishes can't be served until it is cooked in a holding station. Optional dishes can be cooked as customers arrive, sometimes a strategy in it's own, or early so you can serve more customers.

Prep Stations

Prep Stations are where the game tells you what a customer wants. You have varying numbers of stations in each day with which to serve your customers and complete chores.

Serving Food

In order to serve food to a customer., the player must hit the correct keystrokes for a specific recipe. If you're working on Lobster for example, you may have to hit 'L' for Lobster or 'K' for king lobster. Once the lobster has cooked, you then have to hi t the correct key for the sauce the customer wants.


Each food has different attributes that contribute positively or negatively to your buzz throughout the day. Buzz changes how often customers are coming in or out of your restaurant.


There are multiple different types of chores that the player has to do throughout the day, form taking out the trash, to doing the dishes. These all have to be done in "real time" as you also trying to serve customers. They also often have a much shorter time limit to complete than customers if you the player is making good use of side dishes.

Player Level

Player level goes up a little at a time with every dish served. This level helps determine what rating your restaurant has, as well as rewards you with some new items for customizing your restaurant.

Restaurant Customization

throughout the game, you gain new items to decorate your restaurant. This only affects the game when you're actually in your restaurant, as each of the chef for hire locations has it's own design. You can earn these items by completing specific missions in each "day of gameplay.


After each day completed, you'll receive one or more emails. These sometimes contain items, but often are just for fun. There's a lot of banter between different employees within the high rise your restaurant is located inside of. As well as other spam type emails. These help give a little bit of story and character to the game.

Chef For Hire

As a Chef For Hire, you work a shift in one of many different restaurant. They start out fairly easy as far as what foods are served and how many prep stations you have. After you start to get th e hang of things in a specific restaurant, the difficulty tends to spike.

Cook, Serve, Delicious Restaurant

The Restaurant the player owns is called Cook, Serve, Delicious. You can have up to six entrées, 3 side dishes, and two drinks. Every food has Boosters and Detractors that influence your buzz and stats for how it affects your chore count. You can select these yourself, or if you're feeling up to it, allow the game to randomize it for each day. You also have a large number of "presets" that you can create to select menu and game style.

Game Modes


Standard mode removed the effect of foods on your menu. You can change what the number of prep stations you have are, how many holding stations, and what your buzz will look like throughout the day.


Classic mode is essentially the original game. The foods on your menu affect your buzz level and you're just trying to serve food to everyone. For this mode you can select how many prep and holding stations you have for each day.


Zen mode removes rush ours and allows you to have infinite customer patience. It allows you to control how many prep stations , holding stations, and buzz level for each day.


Stress mode sets the buzz for the restaurant at 150% with a max prep station and holding station count. Every incorrect or missed order will decrease your current buzz. This mode will not effect the buzz of your restaurant in other modes. You have no options for this mode.

Equipment Upgrades

There are six different types of equipment that can be upgraded throughout the game. Each one can bu upgraded to level 10. Upgrading your equipment lowers the number of times you have to do chores while cooking within the Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant.

Final Thoughts

This game has a lot of improvements over the first including the use of the holding stations. Holding stations added a new level of strategy to not only crafting your menu, but also to how you serve your customers. If you enjoy typing games, this one has plenty of challenges in store as you learn the correct keys to create a dish perfectly every time, while the hype of your restaurant increases, increasing the number of customers you're trying to serve.

*There are also mouse and game pad support within the game but I did not play with those. and as such can't comment on their usability or how it affects the game.

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