Trademarks and Your Foss Project



Karen Sandler


Trademarks and Your Free and Open Source Software Project


Trademarks and Your Free and Open Source Software Project


October 22, 2014

The Gist

Trademarks are a very complicated matter. It's important to keep your mark and to keep it distinguished. But in the FOSS community it's extremely important that you don't push your users away but having an overly strict Trademark policy.

The Good

  1. Even though she's a lawyer, she's also very clear that this isn't legal advice.
  2. She is very clear about everything and uses a lot of different types of examples.

The Bad

  1. FDA doesn't review the code on medical devices.
  2. She says umm a lot.
  3. It sounds like she's talking faster than normal, and not breathing naturally.

The Questions

  1. Do you have to do more than just protect your mark from genericide?
  2. If you've done everything that you can


Karen does a really good job of breaking down Trademarks so that pretty much anybody can understand them. She uses a lot of examples to help get her point across and to help with understanding.
A dozen white roses.

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