The World Ends With Zombies

The Game

The world ends with zombies is a top-down, arcade style shooter. It is written in C# using XNA. It was created in a team of four people.

In the game you play in a square arena that progressively gets more zombies. Zombies speed up when you are close enough for them to sense. Zombies have a multitude of items that they can drop such as ammos or weapons. They can also drop lasagna which you can use to heal yourself.

In order to kill the zombies you can use a myriad of weapons including a flamethrower or even just your fists. You can also lift crates and strategically position them to help protect you from zombies, however zombies can break through them after an amount of time.

What I Did

The game was originally started as a class project by one of my other team mates who decided he wanted to continue working on it. By the time I joined the team there was a playable game. Because of this I have spent a lot of time re-writing some of the code so that it is more efficient and then debugging issues that popped up as well as a few that had existed in the beginning.

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