The Quiet Year

Tonight I had the opportunity to play a narrated role-playing game called The Quiet Year. The premise behind it is that after a long war, there is finally a year of time in which to relearn how to work together and to rebuild the community.

You start the game by creating the map of the community and it's surrounding areas. Each player chooses a detail about the area and draws it on the map. Each player then chooses a resource that is available and the group decides on it's scarcity.

Every turn the player draws a card and follows the instructions on it. These cards are very vague and sometimes they just describe a new discovery, while other times you must decide what the community does in reaction to what is happening. You then have to take an action which could just be a discussion with the other townsfolk or it could be starting a new project.

While there are many rules to be followed while playing this game, the play and the storytelling that go along with it are extremely open ended. This leads to some very interesting goings on, and the fact that you aren't the only narrator for the story makes it so that you really want to see where the game will go next.

This idea that you aren't the only narrator is my favorite part, while even in something like Dungeons and Dragons the players can cause all sorts of havoc, it is ultimately up to the Dungeon Master to decide on any sort of rulings, In this game however, it is up to all of the people playing the game.

You can find out more about the game [here](" target="_blank).

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