The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Ages was released with a partnering title The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. That's the next game I'm going to complete so I can do a comparison between the two. I haven't finished Oracle of Ages yet. Hopefully I will in the next week or so, then I can get started on Oracle of Seasons.

Overall I thought the game was too easy. Most of the time it took me longer to get to a dungeon than it took to complete the dungeon. It did however have some really interesting mechanics. One of these is the time system. The game has two time periods that you have to travel between. In some of the puzzles changing time is the answer, but not in all of them. Sometimes it makes it so something you've done can be undone, other times it just changes the terrain.

Another interesting thing is the use of equipment. In the 3D games your sword is always set to a single button. In this pair of games, however, you have to choose which two items to have equipped including your sword. When I first got more than two items I thought this was just extremely annoying, but then I realized, the GameBoy Color only has two buttons. As annoying as it is to sometimes choose between having multiple useful items and having a sword, it would be even worse if you always had to have the sword and could only change out the second item. It also provides the interesting choice of do I equip the sword for safety, or do I equip another item to finish the puzzle quicker.

While I thought the game was easy in comparison to other Legend of Zelda games it was still an enjoyable experience. I recommend that any fans of the series take the time to play this pair of games.

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