The End of the November Game Challenge

I finally beat the main story line for Fantasy Life the other day. It took me a lot longer than I was expecting because I kept getting distracted with leveling all of my different classes.

The story was somewhat interesting but it definitely felt like they spent more time trying to make the class system awesome than trying to make a good story.

The class system is built around being able to do pretty much whatever you want at all times. Once you've gone through the tutorial for your first class you have the option of skipping over it for all the other classes. But not only does it teach you a little about the class but you also meet some of the characters who can give you quests related to that specific class.

You can also use abilities from any classes you have started, even if you aren't currently in that class. This makes it so that you can still complete the quests which, especially for the gathering classes, can be useful.

When I play games I am often called an altoholic. I normally start a ton of different characters so that I can experience a little bit of everything. So for me being able to do a little bit of everything without having to change characters and replay the same story is amazing.

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