Teen Dating Violence - Life.Change.Game Challenge

The Challenge

I recently found a new game challenge that I'd like to participate in. The idea behind the challenge is to help teach about teen dating violence. This year the challenge is to create a game about teen dating violence without any violence in the game.

My Idea

So far I only have a basic idea for what I want to do for this project. I know I want to make a visual novel style game, and have it take place throughout the four different years of high school. As part of the rules for the challenge there has to be an online portion to the game, so I'm thinking of trying to implement something along the same lines as what TellTale Games does for there's. They basically track each players major choices and show where you are in comparison with the rest of the world. I'm going to be using Twine2Unity as the basis for my project and will hopefully be able to clean up that code some as well throughout this challenge.

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