Team Proposal - Pyramid

  • List your other team members below

Julien Eid

Alex Mack


Fernando Ellis

  • Which project did your team choose?

    • We chose Pyramid, the Python web framework.
  • 2-liner description of the project?

    • Pyramid is a Python web framework that has great integration with several open source projects that work well together to give a complete solution to writing a web app.
  • What will each team member's role be?

    • Julien - Assigned to do Calloway’s Coefficent of Fail and answer the questions for that segment.
    • Alex - Assigned to do the main questions in the document going over the projects general workflow.
    • Fernando - Assigned to do Git-by-a-bus.
    • We will add more or change what the roles are down the line once we see how much work each section is.
  • Source Code Repository URL?

  • List your upstream Mentor's below:



Chris McDonough

  • How will you communicate with them? (i.e. IRC Channel, Email Addresss, mail lists, issue trackers, etc...)

    • Email
  • What are the easy parts?

    • Calloway’s Coefficient of Fail should be pretty easy as Pyramid has always been a good example of open source Python work.
    • Lots of Pyramid’s dev pipeline is written well so it should be easy to talk about how the projects innards work.
  • What are the hard parts?

    • Doing Git by a Bus properly will be hard as there are multiple sub projects of Pyramid and we will have to collect all of the results together.
  • How will you overcome both?

    • We’ll compile a list of core parts of Pyramid like SQLAlchemy and then try to run Git-by-a-bus on all of them. We’ll then try and look at the results between all the projects and look committers that are the same between them. Once we find committers that are the same between them, we’ll try to adjust our results to reflect that.
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