Team Proposal 3 - Bountysource

List your other team members below



Liam Middlebrook

Julien Eid

Alex Mack

Matt Soucy

Which Entity did your team choose to profile?


Description of the Organization?

Mainly runs BountySource and pushes open-source collaboration tools

Description of the project?

Crowdfunding website that uses "bounties" to encourage open source development

Describe each team member's role?

  • msoucy: Community Architecture > Documentation and Contributing
  • loothelion: Organizational Details
  • jeid64: Communications & Technology
  • Mackster: Community Architecture > Project Overview

Organization/Project Source Code Repository URL?

What do you anticipate the easy parts will be?

Getting information about the frontend product itself

What do you anticipate the hard parts will be?

Getting financial information about the company

How will you overcome both?

Hard work and diligence

When will your group meet regularly outside of class time?

Immediately after class, and we all hang out in the Production Studio so we can discuss it then

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