The Lost Girl


Colleen Vanderlinden


The Lost Girl: Hidden Book One




December 3, 2013

The Gist

A girl with special powers is unceremoniously dragged into a battle with other people who all have powers.

The Good

  • It offers an interesting take on how the supernatural coexists with the natural.
  • It had a fairly intriguing story, with a hint of romance, that makes me want to start the next book ASAP.

The Bad

  • It is really slow to get into.
  • It ends fairly abruptly.


After the story finally picked up, it was something that I didn't really ever want to put back down. When it was over, I found that I didn't want it to be and can't wait to get to start the next book in the series. It has a ton of paranormal craziness, including both action and a side of romance.
Half a dozen red roses and half a dozen white roses.

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