Subtlety and Being Obtuse


Spoiler Alert - This post will contain spoilers for the story of Gris. I'm not really sure how to talk about a lot of it without the spoilers.


Gris is a story about overcoming grief. The game starts out in black and white, and each chapter you gain a color that could be related to the current stage of grief that Gris is in. For me it wasn't very obvious that that's what the game was about, not until I started looking into the various hidden achievements and how to get them. During the Acceptance chapter you have to sing near a tomb for example. Once it finally clicked a lot of the other parts of the game made more sense. I'm not always the best at analyzing what's going on in a story to such detail, so I'm not sure if the story was too subtle or if I was just super obtuse about it all.



Within each chapter of the game, you gain a new skill. These help you move on as well as sometimes represent the stage of grief the Gris is currently in, such as gaining the ability to pound the ground during the Anger stage.


The puzzles seemed to be very well thought out. There were at least a few times that it took me a bit to really figure out how to continue on in the game, but because of the lack of enemies and the ability to die, it never felt bad that I couldn't figure things out.

Final Thoughts

The platforming and puzzle elements were a lot of fun, and the art was beautiful. I would recommend this game for players of all skill levels. There's no death mechanic so it's all just about exploring and figuring things out.


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