Storyline and the Alliance

Today I've mostly been working on leveling my Alliance druid. I was introduced to an add-on called Storyline, and I've fallen in love with it. It changes the way the quest text works. Currently the original quest box still shows up, but there's also a box with both your character and the character you're talking to in it. It then breaks the text up by paragraph. It makes the quests look very similar to Guild Wars 2 without the voice overs.

I really enjoy learning about the lore of the game, but it's hard to get into it when you have a big wall of text to read. And it's definitely hard to get into it when someone is pushing you to reach max level quickly. Thankfully no one is in my way on this character and I can take it at my own pace. I can't wait to make more Alliance characters so I can see some more of the earlier stories too.


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