75% Through and Still Going

Tonight is officially day 75 of my 100 days of code challenge. There have definitely been days where it's more rough than others to just sit down and code, and a lot of those days are when I'm more likely to work on coding site challenges instead of my personal projects. I know it's still programming which is the point of the challenge, but sometimes it feels like the cheaters way out because someone else is telling me what to code instead of me deciding for myself.

Going into the last quarter of this challenge is going to be difficult for me. There's a lot of stress coming out of my work life, and I have some vacation time where I won't be spending a lot of time near a computer. I'll only be on it for my coding challenge. Because of this I'm going to work my hardest to keep plugging away at AngleGators and the bugs in SVUI.

I wanted to have a beta out for AngleGators, but then I stepped away from it before doing so. Now I'm getting back into the code and trying to debug some things. AngleGators is in a pretty good place, but there's still a few tweaks I want to do before putting it in front of players, especially on the art side.

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