Steampunk Rochester

The Game

Steampunk Rochester is an investigative narrative style game. You play as a journalist in 1920's Rochester, NY. It's your job to figure out just what the "glowing water" is and how it's affecting the town. The game includes a lot of historical locations and some historically correct facts, as well as a fiction created just for it.

What I Did

For this project I took on the role of the producer. I had a team of 15 other students that I organized into the different teams that we would need. After that my job was to coordinate with the teams to make sure they had everything they needed from the other teams to get their job done. I also set the goals for a timeline and communicated the progress of these goals to the Professor.

Where To Get It

You can download the game from GitHub.

This site showcases some of the projects I've worked on and includes a blog about my passion - games.