Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0)


Scott Meyer


Spell or High Water




June 17, 2014

The Gist

A summit has been called of all the Time Travelers throughout all of time to decide how to deal with people who break their rules and cause issues. During this summit there is an attempt on the life of one of the delegates.

The Good

  • This book contains a little bit more romance than the first did.
  • While magic is a major focus in this book series, it also covers other issues, such as sexism.

The Bad

  • The second book is still just as corny as the first.
  • Time travel makes even less sense in this book than in the first.

The Questions

  • Will time travel ever actually exist?
  • If so will it be similar to the insanity that's in existence in this book?


While still being a corny story, there is a lot of action and even some romance thrown in. It had some confusing time travel, but there are many lovable characters and crazy things that happened to them.
9 White Roses

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