Space Invaders

My Space Invaders project is meant to be two-fold. I'm using it to learn more about the language C++ but also to learn more about how my programming choices affect the computer, such as where things are being stored in memory. While learning is one of the most important parts of this project, completing the game is important as well. I've started laying out the different classes I will need to make the game as well as the different types of functions I'll need in each class.

Learning C++

While looking for resources to learn C++ I came across a website that not only has a lot of information about C++, but also has a ton of other more basic information for programming. I've started working my way through this website, which is laid out like a web based book. At the end of each chapter there is a comprehensive quiz that covers most of what was talked about throughout the chapter, along with the answers so you can make sure you did it correctly.

Learning Data Structures & Algorithms(DSA)

So far I've spent most of my time diving into C++ so I can get a good grasp of the differences between it and other languages I've used a lot of, I'm also getting started with DSA. I've borrowed a couple of different books that cover these topics and will be starting to read through them in the next couple of weeks.

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