Dr. Shannon Valor - Ethics in Development


Dr. Shannon Valor is a Philosphy professor who is also trying to kick Silicon Valley into shape. Currently, most app and software development is much more about the business behind it and making money, instead of being about the user.


One of the biggest issues that she sees is the use of the word user. Instead of thinking about the users as people, they are just thought of as a number. This has lead to a lot of companies, such as Twitter, to not really realize how important it is when people are using these platforms in ways that were unintentional, such as abuse.

Open Source

While it would be awesome for open source platforms and projects to start being more ethical in both their communities and their development practices, Dr. Vallor believes its much more important for the big name companies to make these changes. It will be something that can then trickle down into the smaller companies.

"If I could go back in time, I'd kick [Plato's] ass." - Dr. Shannon Valor

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