Scripting Choices

Procrastination in it's Finest

Lately I've found that I quite often procrastinate things that I should be doing, such as school work, by doing personal projects. I've actually realized that I'm almost more motivated to work on these personal projects when I am procrastinating instead of when I don't have anything else "more" important to be doing.

A huge list of games

Throughout the past 7-8 months, I have been challenging myself to finish a game a month. This has been doing two things for me, it's cutting down on my backlog of games, but it's also allowing me to analyse the game and share my thoughts about these different games. For a little while, it was easy to choose games, there were a few that I had been wanting to play for a long time that just seemed like the natural best choice. However, I realized recently that I've gotten through most of the ones I was dying to play right away, and now I'm not sure which game to play next.

Creating a script

After coming to the realization that I didn't know which game to pick, I decided I would create a simple Python script to make the choice for me. It takes the name of a text file, and parses the data in it line by line. It then chooses a random number and tells me which game it has at that location. Now all I have to do when I finish a game is make sure my text file is up to date then run the script. I may not end up doing this every month, as new games come out they may take precedence so I can talk with people about them, but this is a quick and easy way for me to deal with my indecisiveness of which game I should play.

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