Scaling in WoW Diabetes

Scaling the add-on for when it's being used in activities other than questing has been an interesting journey.

I noticed that when you spend a lot of time in combat, such as during a raid encounter, and even during bosses in the 5-man dungeons it feels extremely punishing. And while the add-on is meant to simulate having diabetes in real life, it’s also important that it’s still fun to use.

When I first proposed to the other designer and my project lead that we needed some sort of scaling, one of the major ideas was to have the food affect you a little bit differently as your level increased. I looked into this a little bit, but the issue came more from the change in the length of battles than in your actual character level. Once you hit 15 and hop into your first 5-man dungeon it starts to feel like more of a punishment than an education tool.

I ended up changing the amount that of time it takes for your glucose to go down based on what type of "instance" you're currently in. So far it only changes if you're in a raid or 5-man dungeon. But implementing it through the instance check also will allow me to change it for player vs player environments as well.

The add-on as a whole still has a long way to go, but it's finally starting to feel much more playable in my experience, and I can't wait to see what else I end up getting to learn through the creation of it.

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