Rude on the Internet


Yesterday we finally got a tentative release date for the patch that will add flying in Draenor. When I heard the news I was extremely excited because it will make leveling my other characters go a little bit quicker. Apparently not everyone is as excited as me though.

There is a lot of vitriol toward the WoW developers right now, and it's not helping anyone. People are complaining that we didn't get it as fast as it was said we should and all sorts of other things. But at least Blizzard keeps us updated. This may not be as often as we as players would want, but they don't have to tell us anything. Blizzard fans are extremely spoiled by the amount of information we're given throughout the development of the game. With a lot of companies you're lucky to find out if the game is still coming. They'll announce something, then go dark for awhile when things turn south.

I understand that we haven't had as much information from the devs this expansion, but when everything they say might happen is then turned back on them when it ends up not, how do you expect them to say anything? Just because it's the internet doesn't mean there isn't a REAL person at the other end. Treat them the same way you'd treat people in "real" life, and stop pretending that the other end of your words are going into a black hole.


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