Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a science fiction novel that takes place in the not too distant future. We've used up almost all of the natural resources. And there's something, that started as a virtual reality video game, called the Oasis. The Oasis is where pretty much everyone spends their free time. The creator of the Oasis has hidden a very large easter egg in the game, and his will states that whoever finds it will become the owner of both the Oasis and all of his money. The book follows the story of a player who is heavily searching for this easter egg and the friends he makes in the search.

There's a point in the book where the main character gets a job in customer service. Because of the way things are programmed there's a courtesy filter. This basically stops the employee from saying anything that will for sure cause an issue. In the book the employee gets in trouble whenever this is used, but it would be really great if this could be invented in real life. Being able to take five seconds to yell at a customer who is being extra obtuse and not having to deal with the fallout would probably lower the stress level of a lot of people in the customer service industry.


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