Today has been a weird day. I spent most of my time not working farming a reputation in World of Warcraft. Normally I'm only willing to spend an hour or so doing this, as it requires just running around in circles killing a bunch of mobs. Today though I decided to marathon some old episodes of NCIS and get as far into the reputation as is possible.

This particular reputation is worse than others for two reasons. The first being that kills only grant you 5 reputation. Most others give 25-30 and you can use items to up that a little bit as well. Those items don't seem to affect how much reputation you gain. The second reason is you can actually only get so far by killing mobs. After you get to that point, you have to pickpocket specific mobs to get an item. You then take that item to one of the members of the faction to gain more reputation. But it takes more than just one of these items to finish out the reputation. It takes over a thousand of them, so I'm in for a lot more grinding before I finish this out.

This is also one of a group of reputations required for an achievement called insane in the membrane. When I started working on this achievement I was not expecting it to be as crazy as it is. I got the last few kills on the Ravenholdt server, which I think is only fitting.


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