Quiz 1 - HFOSS

  1. What are the titles of each Pillar?
  2. Open exchange
  3. Participation
  4. Rapid prototyping
  5. Meritocracy
  6. Community
  7. What are the titles of each General Principle?
  8. Make it interesting and make sure it happens.
  9. Scratch an itch.
  10. Minimize how many times you have to reinvent the wheel.
  11. Solve problems through parallel work processes whenever possible.
  12. Leverage the law of large numbers.
  13. Document what you do.
  14. Release early and release often.
  15. Talk a lot.
  16. What are the similarities between Weber's eight principles, and the five pillars?

Both Weber's eight principles and the five pillars contain a lot about the importance of the community. They also both talk about how things should be moving rapidly.
4. What are the differences?

The general principles goes into much more detail about each of the different principals. It also spaces things out so they can talk more about things to think about when starting a project.
5. Bonus: Who's "keen analysis" did Weber "Draw Heavily" upon?"
Eric S. Raymond
6. Double-Bonus: What was the title of this "keen analysis." (Hint: Weber hinted at the title when he was talking about Cathedrals earlier in the chapter.)
The Cathedral & the Bazaar
7. Triple-Bonus: Where can this keen analysis be found?
The Cathedral & Bazaar

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