It's finally time to start working on AngleGators. We were given a quick-start for the project to make sure that everything is running properly to start and that it will run properly on the XO laptops.


I was looking into using pygame on a Windows machine, and from what I can tell and what people have been telling me, it's practically impossible. Of course I didn't even think about this until I had spent the time getting everything else set up on my main box for the project.


Next I tried to get things to work on my Mac. Everything seemed to be going ok, the internet was my best friend as I got things working and set up. I even managed to get it to recognize Pygame. But after that I couldn't get it to recognize another package that Pygame needs. I tried everything that I could find on the internet, including uninstalling and reinstalling both Python3 and Pygame, and I just couldn't get it to work.


After all the trouble I went through to try and get it working on operating systems that I'm the most familiar with, I finally decided to get things set up so I could use a Linux Distro. I don't have a ton of space on my hard drive, so instead of dual booting, I set up a virtual machine to run it on. I decided to go with Ubuntu as my flavor since it's one that I've at least used some in the past. It also seems to be a fairly decent introduction to Linux. For my virtual machine(vm) set up I'm using Virtual Box. After getting the vm set up, I dove in to try and get Pygame set up, and thus the project could finally start. It took a little bit of tinkering to get everything functioning properly, but I now officially have a place where I can work on this project and get down to business.

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