PyCon Day 3

On the last day of the "conference" I adventured out a little bit more. I went to see a talk about technical debt and ways to avoid it. This was an interesting talk, while the speaker talked a lot about specifics to Python she also spent a decent amount of time explaining things that were universal to all programming languages.

I also met a woman named Adria Richards. I started talking with her because she had a dog out, and I can't resist asking to pet someone's dog. While we were chatting I learned a lot about her. She had apparently had an issue at a previous PyCon, that while the staff took care of it, it put a big target on her on the internet. Much like the ladies who are dealing with all sorts of threats and doxxing right now because of GamerGate, she had her life turned upside down by the internet. She ended up getting fired when a mob threatened the company she worked for and is only now starting to really recover from everything. She has recently started a non-profit called Everyone Hacks. She's trying to reach younger kids and teenagers and get them interested in programming. She also has been trying to work with companies in the Bay area to try and get things better for woman and other minorities in tech. After telling me a little about herself she started asking me about myself, and noticed from the way I talk that I'm still extremely hesitant about a lot of things, and that I'm not exactly very self confident. She was very encouraging and is one of the people who has helped me deal with the little devil in the back of my brain that is constantly trying to tell me how bad I am at pretty much everything. And for that I am very thankful.

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