eCommerce Coordinator

Found and implemented fixes to ensure the integrity of the digital storefront. Helped improve the workflow of updating the storefront and communicating market plans. Contributed to planning efforts and implemented changes for content updates. Created market submissions for the Sony PlayStation Store and Steam.

Quality Assurance Tester

Tested the quality through various test procedures to help ensure great gameplay and usability. Helped create test procedures for new features and documented issues through JIRA. Helped coordinate shop related testing to assure all items are shown and priced correctly.


Tested the puzzles to assure there were no unintended workarounds. Looked for inadverted art related issues. Performed confirmations of bugs written by multiple testers.

WoW Diabetes Add-on

An add-on that gives your character diabetes to help teach about the diabetic lifestyle. I created the user interface and the functionality code.


An educational game to help teach 4th grade angles. I created the inital gameplay design as well as collaborated in the implementation of the gameplay and user interface. Ported game from Python to Swift for use on the iOS platform.

SuperVillain UI

A user interface suite to replace the stock user interface. I implement bug fixes.

Batman: Arkham Knight

I helped to track the legal approval of assets, and attended meetings in order to gain said approval.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

I evaluated revised game builds to track and verify production progress.

Steampunk Rochester

An investigative narrative game. I helped to organize the teams and keep track of progress of the games creation, as well as pitch the game and discuss the teams progress with the product owner - our professor.

Loot Master Remix 2.0

An add-on to help ease the distribution of loot within the World of Warcraft. I took over this project in a mostly functioning state and brought it up to date to use some of the newest features in WoW.

This site showcases some of the projects I've worked on and includes a blog about my passion - games.