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One of our fellow students from the box has made a decent amount of money collecting bounties and we wanted to learn more about what goes on behind that process.

Organizational Details

  • Incorporated in 2003 in the State of California
  • Warren Konkel
  • David Rippo
  • Not on Stock Market
  • Funded by Konkel and True Global Ventures
  • Employee Count: Unknown
  • Headquarters Location: Unknown
  • Wikipedia: BountySource
  • No Annual Reports


Social media for BountySource

  • [IRC](FreeNode, #bountysource)
  • Twitter: 2K Followers
  • Facebook: 350 Likes.

Communications channels for BountySource

Conference Participation

  • Could not find any conferences, tons of conferences getting funded on Bountysource though.

Community Architecture

Your subject likely runs or contributes to one or more Open Source products or projects. Choose one (or more) of these and answer the following questions:

  • If applicable, list and provide links to:
  • "Bountysource is the funding platform for open-source software. Users can improve the open-source
    projects they love by creating/collecting bounties and pledging to fundraisers."
  • First commit was Aug 26, 2012. Latest commit was Apr 28, 2015
  • There have been 30 contributors to this project.
  • The core team seems to have stayed fairly up until recently.
  • Cory Boyd is the lead developer for this project.
  • All participation ended for almost 6 months, and is only just now starting to pick back up.
  • The project would most likely survive but wouldn't be updated for awhile if Cory were eaten by a raptor, or if the core team was hit by a bus.
  • There doesn't seem to be any straight on-boarding process.
  • The project has some documentation but nothing to help a newbie jump in.
  • Currently it is ruled by a pair of individuals, David Rappo and Warren Konkel.


  • Originally started for only open source bounties. Initially hosted Subversion repos for projects. Development on this version stopped in 2008.
  • Reopened in 2012 to work with GitHubs API’s in order to reach a wider audience. Allows Bitcoin, Paypal, and credit card for funding.
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