Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Persona 4 Dancing All Night is a rhythm game with the characters from Persona 4. While it takes place after the end of Persona 4, it does not have any major spoilers. The story was sort of corny, but it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't want to play it.

The gameplay was sort of different from other rhythm games I've played. While it was definitely about hitting notes at the right time, there was also an optional "scratch" mechanic. The notes that you have to hit come out of the center towards one of six different buttons on the Vita. While this worked fairly well there were times that I wasn't sure which button I needed to hit. If the screen were a bit smaller it would have made it much easier for me to know where to hit.

There's three different styles of button presses. A single button press, pressing two buttons at once and holding the button. The optional mechanic is to hit either of the two analog sticks in any direction. You know to do this because a circle grows from the center out. If you hit it at the right time you gain extra points, if you miss it no harm done. There are however special ones that you want to hit if possible. These are a different color and hitting three of them lets you go into Fever mode.

Fever mode is a special mode that makes the game a little bit easier. Successfully hitting notes gives you more crowd enjoyment than normal, and lose less crowd enjoyment for missing a note.

Crowd enjoyment has five different levels. It starts out white or neutral. Below that are yellow and red. Missing a note while you're in the red means failing the song. Above that is green and rainbow. From what I can tell you can miss a couple of notes in rainbow before it drops to green. Green or above is required to successfully complete a song, so the end of the song is almost more important than all the rest.

Another interesting thing this game does is offer items. There's different costumes and accessories that are purely cosmetic. But there's also items that affect the gameplay. One speeds up the notes while another slows them down. Some make the game easier by making it so you can miss more notes without losing your current crowd level. And one makes it so you earn a lot more money per song. This item is especially useful if you're going after all of the trophies.

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