Patterns the Mini Game

Warning this post contains spoilers

I've finally finished Undertale. I got the Neutral ending, but have since watched the other endings. For those that don't know, Undertale is a Bullet Hell disguised as an RPG. There are 3 official endings, and at least one extra ending put in specifically if you have been making changes to the game files.

I'm really torn about this game. I love the music, the art style, and the depth of the story. But then there's this bullet hell aspect. Instead of regular RPG turn based or even real time combat, your enemies attacks are all bullet hell patterns. You are a heart that has to avoid whatever pattern the attack happens to take. Not only are there multiple types of attack patterns, there are also multiple mechanics that have to deal with which soul your heart is duplicating. These can be understood by what color your heart is.

There are also some mechanics related to if you're doing a pacifist or genocide run, or somewhere in between. If you're doing the full pacifist run, you can actually make some fights easier by talking to the boss and making them realize you don't want to fight. Each enemy has a different set of actions you can take against them if you aren't fighting them, and a different set of actions you specifically have to do in order to be merciful to them. If you do a genocide run, there is an extra boss close to the end of the game. He is widely considered to be the most difficult boss in the entire game, although his boss theme is also my favorite piece of music in the entire game. And completing a genocide run will make the game more difficult on all further play-throughs, so be sure this is something you're ready to commit to before starting.

The story of this game is pretty in depth. There are a lot of little details that you can easily miss if you just run through it. The game opens as you have fallen down into the Underground. The Underground is where monsters have been living since the end of a war between humans and monsters. As you play through the game, you find out that there is a barrier between the Underground and the overworld that keeps the monsters down there. The only way for this barrier to be brought down, is for a monster to gain the souls of seven humans. The king of monsters, Asgore, already has six souls, so many of the monsters are attempting to kill you in order to gain something from him for gathering the last soul.

I have never been a fan of bullet hell style gameplay, and I'm also extremely bad at them. So this game was one of my least favorite games. However, that being said, I really did enjoy the depth of the story, and the music. These tend to be things more and more often overlooked by large AAA studios, as they focus on the graphics and making everything look more pretty/realistic.

With this game finally under my belt, I am moving on to Persona 3 Portable. This is another in a long list of RPGs that has been started, but never completed. I am also in the process of doing a "real-time" play through of Persona 4 Golden. It's actually only quasi real time though, as some days I just can't devote the time needed for it. To help support those days, I'm working to play it a little extra over the weekend. Because of this dual challenge I've set myself on, the next challenge review will probably have a lot of comparisons between the two games.

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