Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

One of the two projects that I spent the most time on during my time at Warner Bros. was Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor(SoM). When I first started working I did some usability testing. This was more of an experiment for them, because I have background in game design and programming, than it was anything else as the game was already too far along to really have any major changes.

Throughout the summer there were a couple other major things that I helped out with for this game over the summer. For almost the entire summer I was in charge of keeping track of what the current build was and making sure it was in the correct location in the network drive. The other part of this was helping to evaluate revised game builds to track and verify production progress

There was also a portion of the summer where one of my co-workers was on vacation and I took on the bulk of his work for SoM. His major projects were coordinating with the company Wikia to create the Palantir app which ties in a Wiki with the game itself, as well as coordinating with an outside agency to create the digital help manual for the Xbox One.

Near the end of my time there I got the opportunity to capture in-game assets for an outside agency. For this I had to play through the game to get a specific occurence to happen, and screen capture it for this agency to create some marketing assets.

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