Match 3, Cook, and Hunt

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade is a cooking game that uses match 3 style mechanics. There is a multiplayer mode, a daily challenge mode, and the story line mode.


Throughout the game you're challenged to cook the best meals you can. Each match has a specific ingredient that you're supposed to feature in your dish and between 1 and 3 judges. Each judge has either 1 or 2 of the elements that is their favorite, and you can get bonus points for including the correct ones in your dish.

Match 3

The main mechanic within the game is a twist on the normal match 3 style of gameplay. Instead of swapping one item with another, you rotate a set of four items. They can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise. You also have to add more ingredients to the dish as you're cooking to get a higher score. Each ingredient contains between 1 and 4 flavor gems, which match the 3 elements (Earth, Fire, and Water). You decide what order to add them, and where in the pan you want them to go.


After you've started learning how the changes to the match 3 work, you're introduced to hunting. This is how you'll acquire almost all of your ingredients. You have different abilities you can use to attack creatures, and can grab different parts of them as drops after killing them. You can also gather fruits and vegetables from the ground and trees.


Throughout the game you can gain different types of equipment. You can get pots and pans which augments how the match 3 mechanics work, sometimes making it so you can only match a single element in that pan, while others make it so they upgrade without you having to match anything.

There are also different books that give you extra points based on what you do. One of these gives you extra points if you use all of the different parts of an animal.


This game follows a young woman, Mina, who wants to join what's called the chef brigade. These are the best of the best chefs who also protect where they live. Mina grew up in a family run restaurant, but she wants more than just to work in the restaurant. In order to join the the brigade you have to compete in a yearly tournament. Mina enters this tournament and we help her make her way through the different rounds.


The multiplayer mode is a local only mode, but can be played with a single pair of joycons if needed. It's essentially the same as the rest of the game except you have full control over the setup. You can change anything you want or you can let it randomize so you don't have to. You share the same enemies and area, so you can steal ingredients from each other as enemies are killed.

Daily Cook-off

The daily cook-off is a challenge mode with a different main ingredient every day. You can cook as Mina or some of the other chefs from throughout the story mode. This mode has a daily leaderboard of other players from around the world, and also allows you to earn extras from the game such as concept art and other in game things.

Final Thoughts

Battle Chef Brigade is a nice break from the big AAA titles. It's something that you can play in short time frames, and fairly easily pick up and put back down in terms of mechanical difficulty. While there isn't a lot of depth to the initial mechanics, things such as different pans and other equipment allows you to customize your play style. If you enjoy games that seem simple but gain a lot of depth the more you play them, I highly recommend you pick this one up.

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