March Game Challenge

This year as far as game challenges go I'm 0 for 2. I keep getting sucked back into WoW instead of completing my challenge. Life is Strange was especially weird for me because I hit an extremely emotional point in the game and didn't really feel like I could keep playing. After having some time away from it I'm going to start playing again but it's not going to be a quick game to finish like I was originally wanting.

This month I will be traveling to a couple of different conventions and hoping that means I have enough time to play through an RPG. I've decided on Shining Soul II. When I first saw the instruction booklet the assets immediately reminded me of Golden Sun. Reading through it made me think the story is similar to some of the Final Fantasy games so I decided to give it a go.

Since deciding to play this game I looked more into why the assets look so similar to Golden Sun. Camelot Software Planning are the creators of the Golden Sun series. They also were the original creators of the Shining series. While they didn't work on Shining Soul II, they had already established a style for the series.

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