March Game Challenge: The Moon Has Fallen

A Fateful End

The end of March marks the end of another game challenge. This one was unfortunately unsuccessful. After spending a week at a conference, my school work got extra piled up and there was not really much time for me to spend playing games.

A New Beginning

This coming month also marks a major change in my challenges, at least for a little bit. While I started these challenges with dual intentions: learning more about what I liked or didn't like in the design of a game, and just getting to spend a little bit more time playing games, I feel like I need to spend more time polishing my programming skills, and preparing for the work world. As such, I will be switching gears. Instead of playing a game every month, I will be programming a game every month. It won't always be some crazy new idea, but it's something that I feel will help me continue to learn.

A Challenger Approaches

For my personal challenge, I am starting by building Space Invaders from the ground up. I will be doing this mostly in C++, and with the intentions of not only becoming more proficient at the language, but also learning more about how my programming choices affect the games performance.

Another Busy Month

Along with this personal challenge, I also still have to deal with my college courses. Some of these are requiring me to make a game. My group will be creating a game that will follow the fourth grade common core standards, and will be teaching angle measurement. I also had decided to enter a game into a challenge I found online that is about teaching people more about teen dating violence. Luckily, this game isn't "due" until June 1st, so it will most likely take a slight back seat to my other projects. But it will come into full focus in May so I can complete it on time.

Keeping You Up to Date

Up til now I've also only been writing when I'm starting a game or finishing one. That will be changing with this challenge. I plan on writing more often about the different challenges I run into, and in what ways I'm able to overcome them.

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