Quantifying Open Source Hardware


Joshua M. Pearce


Quantifying Open Source Hardware


Quantifying Open Source Hardware


January 2015

The Gist

This paper describes the methods used to quantify the use of open source software practices to make hardware.

The Good

  1. FOSH
  2. Supports it's claim with math.
  3. Lots of pictures and some color make the paper easier to read.

The Bad

  1. Extremely math heavy.
  2. This paper assumes you have some back ground in economics.
  3. It is a very dense and hard to understand paper.

The Questions

  1. What needs to happen before FOSH can reach the levels of popularity that FOSS has?
  2. With a huge range of values found, how useful are they in practice?
  3. Has anyone challenged the contents of this paper?

Your Review

While the paper covers a very interesting topic and has the math to support it's claims, it is extremely dense and assumes a background in economics that many people don't have.
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