Liferay Web Portal

I recently had an interview with a company called Liferay. They have an open source web portal. I decided I should spend some time playing around with it before the interview which will hopefully help me interview better.

I've never really considered myself a good interviewer, but I do my best and that seems to work. But as I was playing around I realized that this web portal may actually be a good fix for a website I'm currently working on.

I'm trying to make a website that has both forums and community contributed resources for open source game development. First I tried using phpBB as the base because it's supposedly one of the standards fro forums. It is PHP based so there was a bit of a learning curve for me but I had a pretty good handle on it. This is when I realized that I couldn't use any sort of programming logic in certain places, which made it so I couldn't migrate the resources page in.

The next idea was to use the IGDA(International Game Developers Association) forums since the website is for a special interest group(SIG). So far I haven't been able to get access to the forums, but I also learned I can't easily host static pages where I want to host this site.

While playing around with the Liferay web portal I found a forum style addition for it, as well as a wiki. The wiki is going to replace what I originally had for the resources page. Having a wiki for it is actually a clever idea because it means I don't have to do extra work when someone wants to add something. They just create an account and add it themselves.

This wiki style resources page may have one issue though that I need to see if I can't fix. Most of the wikis that I've seen don't really have any sort of table of contents, you just have to search and see if what you need is in the wiki. But we want there to be some sort of table of contents, which might end up being it's own page.


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