Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Moving Forward

I completed Oracle of Seasons at it would be without having played Oracle of Ages first. I still have not completed the extra content that comes from having played them both and linked them together. If I have a chance in the near future I will definitely go and do that.

I played Ages on an emulator for my iPad, thinking I keep that with me more often than anything else, but the lack of a control pad made moving very difficult at times. Because of the touch screen issues I had with Ages I decided to play Seasons on my 3DS. For the most part this definitely made the game easier, I always knew which direction I was going to be moving my character without having to look down. I had a lot more issues defeating the final boss of Seasons though. I haven't looked into a lot of the changes that happen when you use the code to connect a play through of each game, so it's entirely possible that the difficulty is different during a connected play through.

I liked Ages a lot better than Seasons. In Ages the biggest issue was finding a portal to get you back and forth between time. In Seasons, one of the first things you do is gain the ability to change the season to winter from stumps. You then have to go back at different times throughout the game to get the other seasons. The problem with this is it's not always obvious when you need to go get a new season ability.

My next game is going to be Final Fantasy VIII. I've already started it but haven't had much time to really get into it. I'm planning to finish it by the end of January if everything has settled down and I have more time to play it. And then starting in February I plan on returning to one game a month.

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