Kitchen Crashing, or how they improved on Overcooked

Overcooked 2 recently came out, and if you've read my previous post, you'll know that I was excited about this release. The game was announced at E3 2018 and was honestly one of the games announced that I was looking forward to the most, and I wasn't dissappointed.


Overall the mechanics are very similar to the first game. Each level is a kitchen set up in a weird way. You get orders every so often, and can have up to five open orders at a time. The order tells you what type of food and the exact recipe you should be following, and how much time is left before the order is "lost". Lost orders can still be served, but you lose points once it's lost and you also lose your streak. Each level you can earn up to three stars depending on your score, and stars are used to unlock new levels.

In the first game there were some levels that had mice you had to deal with. You had to ensure you never left uncooked food on a counter for too long or they'd come out and try to steal it. Unfortunately none of the levels in this game had this mechanic.

Kitchen Changes

One of the biggest things they added in this game is kitchen transformations. There are multiple levels where you'll be playing through and then something will happen, such as the hot air balloon you're flying on crashing into the ground, or warping into another dimension.

Tip Streak

This iteration of the game implemented a tip streak based around you sending out orders on time and in the correct order. Losing an order or serving things out of the order they came in at resets your streak. It also applies a bonus multiplier to your tips up to x4.

Kevin Levels

This game also brought us secret levels, called Kevin levels. Each one has specific requirements from a level in order to unlock, and all have the same types of recipes. Some of the requirements are score based, while others are streak based. These requirements are also different depending on how many players are in the game.

Throw Unproccessed Foods

Another new mechanic that was introduced in this game is the ability to throw foods that haven't been cooked or cut. Some levels require this as players are on opposite sides of a river or chasm, while in other levels it just helps to speed things along.

Timer on New Recipes

Whenever you start a level that has a recipe you haven't seen before, the game will actually not start the timer until you've served a single one of these. As a new player this can be extremely helpful, but is quite a pain when you're attempting speed runs.


Another change this game made from the first is the addition of online co-op. In the first you could only do couch co-op, which can be awesome if you have a lot of people to game with, but can make the game much more frustrating otherwise. Online co-op allows you to play with your buddies all over the world, or participate in online battles against your friends or people you've never met before.

New Game Plus

One of the first content patches after release added the new game plus feature. With this you have the ability to gain a fourth star for every level. The scores required to earn the fourth star are much higher than the third star, and often require a flawless play of the level.

Final Thoughts

Overall this game took mechanics from the first game and built upon them. It felt like a much more refined system, and had some cool new recipes. The addition of online co-op makes it much more friendly to players who may not be able to get friends all in the same building easily. It doesn't allow you to change keybinds unless you're playing the PC version with a keyboard, which is a downer, as the controls are set up differently for some of the systems. If you enjoyed the first game, or are looking for a good co-op game to play with friends and family I highly recommend this.


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