iTunes TOS, Fedora Project Contributors Agreement, Python Software Foundation CLA


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  • Fedora
  • Python


  • iTunes TOS
  • Fedora Project Contributors Agreement
  • Python Software Foundation CLA



  • Last Updated: September 17, 2014
  • Last Updated: February 2, 2015
  • Last Updated: No Date Given

The Gist

The iTunes agreement applies to everyone who uses either the iTunes program on their computer or any of the iDevice line of electronics. The Python and Fedor agreements apply to anyone who wants to work on the projects.

The Good

  1. These documents illustrate the importance of clarification.
  2. In comparison to other documents of similar ilk, these weren't long.
  3. These documents were extremely descriptive.

The Bad

  1. There is a lot of "legalese".
  2. All caps through some sections makes it extremely hard to read.
  3. Having an FAQ at the top might help people understand what it's saying a bit better.

The Questions

  1. Can Apple really tell the "organizer" that they can't have access to something an ex "family member" downloaded even though the "organizer" paid for it?
  2. iTunes Usage rule III
  3. Are TOS and EULA's legally binding?


This reading is extremely dry and strewn with legalese. It's not even really clear if they're legally binding.
2 Red Roses.

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