Imagine RIT

Imagine RIT is a festival for students to show off what they've been working on all year. People come from all over Rochester to see what cool new things are being shown.

Foss @ Magic

This year I volunteered to help out at the Foss @ Magic table. Originally I wasn't going to show anything as I thought the internet wouldn't be good enough for me to have World of Warcraft running all day.

When I got there that morning, there were only a couple of projects that were being set up for our "table". I decided that I would go ahead and try to show WoW Diabetes, and if all else failed I had a video of me using the add-on that people could watch.

The internet thankfully held out for me all day and I was able to show the add-on to a ton of people. This is the first time that I've gotten to really show the add-on off. I've told people about it but never really gotten to show it to people as I'm telling them about it. It was a really awesome experience getting to see peoples reactions when I start telling them about it, and then seeing even more as they see it in action and mess around with it.

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