Hate Plus

Starting Another Game

After my 3DS died, while on the airplane to San Francisco, I couldn't sleep. So I decided to play Hate Plus. This game plays very differently, and yet the same, from its predecessor. It is very much still about finding out what happened to the colony ship, the Mugunghwa.

Continuing from the First

When you first boot up the game you can either continue on from one of your Analogue: A Hate Story save files, or you can just start a brand new game. Starting from a previous file allows you to interact with *Mute, *Hyun-Ae, or both, depending on which ending you recieved.

Change in Mechanics

In the first game there was a sort of puzzle to how things worked, and you had to input commands into a command line interface. In this game, that is completely ditched. There's no real puzzle to anything other than what happened on the Mugunghwa. And the entire GUI seemed less intuitive than the GUI used in the first game.

The game takes place over 3 days of what anyone might assume are only in game time. However, instead of being able to just blow through the entire thing, there's a 12 hour wait time between each day. From what I can tell it's not physically possible to skip past this wait time either. I don't know that this is necassarilly a bad thing, but it can definitely be frustrating when it's the only game you have access to because everything else is dead.


While this story continues on after what happens in Analogue: A Hate Story, it doesn't seem as interesting to me. The logs that you're reading take place before the events in the logs of the earlier game, even though the rest of it takes place afterwards. It was also interesting because while you're reading these logs, you recieve emails from the outside world.

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