Getting Back into the Swing of Things

It's been awhile since I've done a game challenge. My website went down due to some hosting issues, and it took me awhile to decide how I was going to continue hosting my site and get it up and running again. It's back now, so I'm going to be starting my challenge back up again.

My website being down didn't keep me from playing games however. So while I'll be continuing on with a challenge for February I'll also be writing up my thoughts for games that I completed over the past six or so months. The first of these will be Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles for Nintendo Switch. I've also got Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War that I played recently.

For the month of February I've picked up Lost Sphear, a game from Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. I'm starting this game a little early to make up for the fact that it's a short month, but hopefully I'll be able to complete it.

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