GDC Day 2

Random Talking

Today has been so much better. I guess I just needed some time to get used to having so many people around. I got the chance to talk to a lot of fun people. There weren't any talks that sounded interesting, so instead I mostly just walked around and said hi to as many people as I could. I also took the time to go play one of the board games in the table top lounge. I looked at what all games they had, and while I wish I had taken the time to play the XCOM board game, I really enjoyed the game I did play.


Mascarade is a board game that doesn't use a board. You have a bunch of different cards that represent different roles. The roles that are in play for each game are dependent on how many players are playing. The different roles have different abilities that help players reach their goal. Each player starts with six gold and the point of the game is to get to thirteen.

On a players turn you can take one of three actions: you can swap your role card with another players(under the table so no one knows which role you kept), you can look at your card(so you know who you are), or you can announce who you are and use your ability. If somebody thinks/knows you're lying about who you are they can clame to be that person, at which point both players flip over their roles. If both players are different roles from the one claimed, they pay a one gold penalty, otherwise whichever player was incorrect pays the penalty and the other player gets to activate the ability.

Winning this game requires a lot of paying attention to what's going on, which may not have been one of the best things to play at a conference where you want to talk and meet people.

Christine Love

I saw Christine just standing around talking while I was in the Indie Megabooth. I sort of geeked out and didn't know what to say. Her writing is amazing, and I can't wait to see what she has in store with her next game. I also got to talk with her about Twine2Unity, a parser I've been working on with a friend.

Sha of Happiness

I also got to meet the Sha of Happiness. She created a roleplaying Twitter account based on an idea from the World of Warcraft. Throughout her time on Twitter, she's gone back and forth on whether or not she's roleplaying. She's spent some of her time talking about depression and how she deals with it, which in turn has helped me deal with learning to deal with it.

I had asked her if we could meet up, but I definitely wasn't expecting to see her when I did. It was only a few minutes after running into Christine Love and I was still shaking with excitement. It took everything I had not to run over in excitement when I recognized her. We sat and talked for awhile, and then ended up getting ice cream.

I'm extremely glad that I got the opportunity to meet her in person, and I really hope that we can have more interactions. She is an amazingly friendly person, and she's willing to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

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