Gaming with Friends

When playing most MMO's it's important to have people to play them with. I found that out after having tried WoW multiple times to no avail until my boyfriend talked me into trying it with him. Now I have a group of friends I've made to play it with. Sometimes they come and go for various reasons, but I always know when one of them is online I have someone to talk to. I'm also not the type of player who only does one type of content. I raid three times a week, but I also enjoy player vs. player(PvP) content. I've also had the opportunity to play with some of my cousins off and on. I know not everyone is close with cousins, but in my family we're all pretty close.

Even when I play a single player game, often I'm playing it with a friend or family member. And I don't necassarily mean that they're sitting in the same room watching me or vice-versa. Sometimes a couple of us will start the same game at generally the same time and talk about how far we've gotten and what we think of the game so far. Other times I'm able to talk with someone who played the game before me and get tips, sometimes those tips go back the other way as well. While there may only be one person holding the controller, I don't know that I could play a game and not have something I want to say about it.

I love gaming, but I also love talking about games with people and sharing that love.


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