Gaming Platforms

It's nearly the end of the month and I've been running out of things to talk about for Blaugust so I decided to pick from some of the suggested prompts there for todays topic.

Many people are very specific about which gaming platform or console they use. They may love the company that makes it, or had a bad experience with the other console. Sometimes there's just no reason for it and they just really love it anyways. I've never been one of those people. I'm very much a platform agnostic gamer.

While I'll play games regardless of the console and probably have a good time, I do have ones that I like at least a little bit more than the others. I really love handheld games, including mobile games. Even when I'm at home I love the freedom to sit wherever I want to play them, I'm not tied to one specific room where the console is located. I also like taking them with me pretty much everywhere. I used to play during my lunch break at work, and most of my breaks in between classes in school. Now it's just nice to have it if I have a few minutes while I'm waiting for someone.

Another one that I like more than the rest is the PlayStation 4(PS4). I've always thought that the Sony controllers were more comfortable than the Microsoft controllers, and the PS4 is the best one yet. I've even gotten into the habit of using my PS4 remote for some PC games.


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