Freedom Wars

One of the things I've done with my new found freedom, is play some video games. I managed to complete the campaign of Freedom Wars. There is still more to do though even if I have reached the credits.


Your character lives in a world where resources are very scarce. Cities are constantly fighting over them. Resources don't just include food and materials though, citizens are also a resource. You aren't a citizen though. You're a sinner, a drain on your cities resources. Because of this you have a huge "prison" sentence that you have to work off by contributing back to your city. Meanwhile every time you sleep you get visited by a mysterious female who always seems to leave you more confused about what's going on than you were previously.

Game Play

Freedom Wars has the Monster Hunter, mission style, campaign.


There are multiple different types of missions. The two that appeared the most often were "Liquidation" and "Citizen Reclamation". The Citizen Reclamation missions require you to fight off enemies and find citizens, which then have to be carried back to a reclamation unit, which pulls them out of play. Liquidation missions require you to kill certain enemies.


There are three major types of enemies, each of which can be broken down further into sub-types: mechanical, humanoids, and abductors.


The mechanical enemies have a ton of different types which each drop different types of materials. These enemies are fairly easy to kill, but can do a lot of damage if you aren't looking out for them. The other nice part is that they always give you some type of material.


The humanoid enemies can be broken down into two subgroups: sinners and accessories. I haven't really found any noticeable differences between the too. The humanoids are pretty easy to kill, and depending on the mission may drop weapons that you can pick up and use. You can only use one of these at a time, but picking up the weapon also allows you to keep it after the mission.


Abductors are extremely large enemies, and are quite often used as bosses. Even though they are used as bosses, it is extremely common to be fighting multiple at once. There are a few different classes of abductors and then different levels of each class that you can face. The class of the abductor tells you what type of materials you can get from it as well as the types of attacks that it uses.


Their are two ways that you can contribute back to your home. You can complete missions, both campaign and side missions, and you can donate materials to your home. Both of these reduce the years in your sentence. The nice thing about the donation system is you have two opportunities to do it, you can do it at the end of a mission or in between missions.


Entitlements are things you can unlock that can make the game a little easier, make it a little less annoying, or make your character a little bit fancier. One major example is that when you first start the game you aren't allowed to run. You can certainly push the run button and do so, but it will result in an extended sentence. There are a few other things that were sort of obnoxious before you earned them, but it's kind of a neat system. You earn entitlement points with every mission completion, the number of which seems to be related to the number of years the mission removes from your sentence. Some of the other entitlements you can earn are things like upgrading your A.I. companions, and upgrading your thorn.


Your Thorn is a piece of equipment that can be used in multiple ways. You can use it to move places quicker, or you can use it to pull down enemies. You can also charge it up which does different things depending on which of the three types you have.


Attack thorns are red in color. If you charge them up once, you set a trap down that will paralyze human type enemies. If you charge it up even more than you can stun abductors. They also are better for pulling down enemies.


The first charge on the defensive thorn ups the physical defense of another player, while the second charge puts up a barrier to help deal with gunfire. It is white in color.


The healing thorn is green in color. If charged once, it heals in a cone in front of you. If charged a second time it sets up a healing tree that does a pulsing area heal.

Severing Parts

A big part of fighting abductors throughout the game is the ability to break off certain pieces of them. This does two things: first it is a way of disarming them, and second it is a way of gathering crafting materials. It's a fairly cool mechanic, however it becomes tedious very quickly. The way that you sever a part is by hooking onto the abductor using your thorn, and then mashing the circle button. While you're doing this you're also vulnerable though so you have to pay attention to everything going on around you.

The RP Walk of Protection

One of the bosses close to the end has a weird bug[feature]. When he is attacking he moves extremely quickly, but sometimes he slows down and does what is often called RP(Role-playing) walking. You would think this would be a great opportunity to attack him because he's moving at a semi decent speed. It's actually the worst time to attack him though because you can't actually damage him during these. It's extremely frustrating to try and deal with, especially if you're in the middle of a decent combo when using a melee weapon. I'm really curious if this is a feature, or if it was something that didn't get fixed. The first time you see him do that walk you aren't technically in combat yet, so it could be that they just forgot to add in a hitbox when reusing the animation.

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