Flock to Fedora

Java's with some Fedora people

Not knowing how bad traffic would be heading right into the heart of Rochester during rush hour, I left pretty early. This got me to the hotel, where the convention is being held, at least a half an hour early. While I was standing around waiting to start setting up, a gentleman approached me and said he and his group were going to breakfast and I could come if I wanted. Even though I was on crutches I decided why not, they said it was only like a block away. It ended up being further than they thought, but they were extremely nice to me being slow and really out of shape. They even carried my bag for me to help out. We ended up going to Java's which was awesome. I got a Chai Latte and it made the walk definitely worth it.

Game Dev Tycoon

One of coworkers spent most of his free time playing a game called Game Dev Tycoon. Like any Tycoon style game, you're trying to make as much money as possible. This coworker named his company something inappropriate and incorporated that into all of the games and engines he created. Whenever it was just the few of us coworkers we were having fun coming up with parody names that incorporated his companies name into real world games. This was a fun way to relax.


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